Uptown Apartments

Rents Starting at $1,200

The vibrant city center of Charlotte is known as Uptown (though it would be called “downtown” in most other cities). This area, surrounded by the I-277 loop, is the city’s business center, its cultural center, and its entertainment center. Many of Charlotte’s top attractions are located in Uptown, and people come from all over to eat dinner, go shopping, watch a game, see a show, or tour a museum. With over 200 restaurants representing cuisines from all over the world, it’s easy to find a great meal. There are also numerous bars, clubs, concert venues and other places to enjoy a late night out on the town. Sports are also a major attraction in Uptown whether you prefer the NFL, the NBA, AHL hockey, minor league baseball or a visit to the NASCAR hall of fame. If you want that big city feel, Uptown is the place for you.